Inventory Managemet System

SABP has developed an innovative application in inventory control , that is an advanced stock control and inventory management system which simplifies and streamlines the entire stock management process. It is able to track expired, nonmoving and high to low moving items in order. It operating the stocks first in first out (FIFO), last in first out (LIFO) or first expire (FEXP) algorithm. It also classified within two general categories: raw materials and finished goods.

stock control

Goods Receiving Process

Avoiding the cost conflict SABP provide two separate modules and product list. It will not allowed to receive imported products in ‘local goods receipt’ module and also same as shipment receipt module. Modules are as follows:-

  • General Goods Receipt (Local)
  • Shipment Receipt (Imported)

Related modules for imported goods are letter of credit management (L.C), landed cost management.

The stock control system within SABP allows for stock to be transferred between various stores and branches.